CLI wrapper for API

We are trying to create an example integration on GitHub Actions. We will create a set of integration examples with popular CI/CD’s.

First experiments shows that is a complex behaviour with curl. We consider to generate a cli tool that wraps the complexity of consuming the user api. With a cli tool, developers can easily create and update apps without leaving from the command line. The CI/CD integration files can be more clear with a wrapper cli too.

Fortunately, we don’t have to develop such tool. OpenAPI Generator can generate an executable binary with just an OpenAPI spec.

Is there a way to generate OpenAPI spec? What you think about cli tool?



We don’t use OpenAPI spec – I have tried various tools over the years to help generate that with rails, but nothing really worked that well; it would end up being a manual process. If you’re aware of tools that would allow us to generate openapi spec relatively easily, i’m open to that.

Hi, I agree. The semi-automatic option would be to converting from manually created postman collections.

I use AppMap to understand application behaviour at any state. It has OpenAPI generation feature too, maybe I give a try to it.