Controller v7.1.5

v7.1.5 of our Controller is now available.

I have missed the last few change logs, so here is all of v7.0 to date:

  • [CHANGE] License changed to AGPL.
  • [FEATURE] SSH Keys for SFTP Containers and configurable password authentication.
  • [FEATURE] Download connection profiles for Filezilla and Transmit.
  • [FEATURE] Set a global motd for all sftp containers. (Admin)
  • [FEATURE] Moved metadata service to distributed database within each availability zone.
  • [FEATURE] Improvements to global search. (Admin)
  • [FEATURE] Allow default domain to be set via the API.
  • [CHANGE] Allow udp and tcp to share the same port
  • [CHANGE] Provide feedback on how a user can change their profile pic
  • [CHANGE] Show user profile pics in admin
  • [CHANGE] Update container registry to include docker user agent. Resolves an issue that prevented CS from validating images hosted on container registries that were only allowing the docker user-agent to connect.
  • [CHANGE] Support for generating single-domain LetsEncrypt certificates.
  • [CHANGE] Move wordpress beta features behind a feature flag.
  • [CHANGE] Configuration option to temporarily disable LE automatic generation & renewal.
  • [CHANGE] Increase LetsEncrypt provisioning from every 15min, to every 8min.
  • [CHANGE] Support for dns servers that are accessed in other locations. ComputeStacks will now check if a zone already exists before creating it. If a zone exists and you wish to manage it from ComputeStacks, you will need to first add it in the administrator and uncheck the Create Zone box.
  • [FIX] Resolve a bug that would allow removing the final phase of a billing resource.


Community Version

Edit your /etc/default/computestacks file and change the following:


and run: cstacks upgrade && cstacks run

Enterprise Repo

v7.1 has not been pushed to our enterprise repository yet. Please continue to watch for updates on when that is available.