Controller v8.1 Release Notes

Version 8.1 of the ComputeStacks controller is available today. This continues our rolling release schedule for version 8 of ComputeStacks and primarily includes bug fixes, dependency updates, and backend changes, without any new features.

Notable changes are:

  • All coffeescript has been removed and refactored into normal javascript.
  • Webpacker, yarn/npm have been removed in favor of importmaps.
  • The application server passenger has been replaced with puma & nginx within the container.
  • Support for HAProxy 2.6+ on the nodes.
  • Redis v6.2+ is now required on the controller, so please be sure to upgrade prior to upgrading your controller.

Please see the v8.0 to v8.1 upgrade guide for complete instructions on how to upgrade.

If you’re still on v7, please upgrade to v8.0 BEFORE upgrading to v8.1.

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