How to run tests?

What should be done after change on code to verify application?

Hi Mehmet,

First up; welcome to ComputeStacks, we are very curious about what your plans are with the ComputeStacks platform :slight_smile:

I am not sure what change you are referring to; when making a change to the Docker image, you’ll have to rebuild the container to be able to pull the latest change.

Or are you referring to a change in the CS source code?

Yes, the controller code.

Hi Mehmet,

You can run tests with the following command: bundle exec rails test.

Be sure to have docker running on your local machine before initiating that.

As a side note, i’ll have a Vagrant virtual machine ready in the next day or two – this will help quite a bit with your development work. It will give you a full working ComputeStacks node & controller, and let you run tests against that.


Thank you for answer. Yes, vagrant image can be useful for many developers.

I am using 6 years old MacBook Air, so I don’t able to run a vm or a container on my laptop. I need to connect it to docker on my workstation machine. Where I can put the remote docker host url?

Hi Mehmet,

You might be surprised – depending on the specs, your mb air might run it. :slight_smile:

With that being said, Vagrant has support for remote virtual machines with a cloud provider, such as Digital Ocean: GitHub - devopsgroup-io/vagrant-digitalocean: A Vagrant provider plugin that manages DigitalOcean droplets.

I would encourage you to research your cloud provider of choice and see if they have a vagrant plugin, or if there is a community supported plugin.

With respect to running tests, that is just to run some system containers required to run our app – and not for the application itself.

I recommend waiting for our Vagrant image – that will make this a lot easier, and will reduce the effort required to get our app up and running.

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Hi Mehmet,

Our vagrant development environment is now available: Introducing the ComputeStacks Vagrant Dev Environment