How to send pull requests?

We are using our own git server. We created a fork to develop Compute Stacks.
Our own public git repository
I created an account also on computestacks git repo.
ComputeStacks Git Repository
How we can create an integration between git servers? Should we create a mirror on gitlab for sync. And can we send PR from the mirror?


I think there are probably two good options:

  1. Like you said, create a mirror repo on our git server, and then you can submit merge requests there. This is probably the preferred way of working since we do all our dev in gitlab anyways.

  2. Alternatively, you could create patch files and create threads here on the forum. See:

I think both are good options, just whatever works best for your work flow.

One other point @mehmetaydogdu – I would also kindly ask that if you intend to make large changes, or build big new features, that you first open a discussion here. There may be internal development that could conflict with that, and make the merge difficult.

I think it’s also helpful to discuss new ideas in the open to make sure we’re moving in the same direction.

Hi Kris,

Until now, We improved vagrant environment a little. We still investigating to work with VSCode native debug feature on remote machine.

Of course we will create another topic per feature to discuss. While we are creating a roadmap, we can discuss the ideas in bi-weekly meetings, if it’s okey for you.

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Hi, I tried to create a repository to make it mirror but didn’t succeed because I haven’t got create personal repositories permission.

Hi, you can open them on our GitHub repo:

Hi, since we aren’t using GitHub, It is more comfortable for us if you can provide a repo on your Gitlab. Thanks.

I believe I have corrected the permissions issue. Please try again to create a new project (or fork our controller repo) in our gitlab instance.

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It is long time than expected but anyway: We are completed payment and invoice system development, should we go to merge on enterprise repository? I also consider packing everything as gem/engine. Which is better, your opinion?


Thank you, i’m excited to see it. A gem would probably be best for maintainability.

As for the pull request, we’re in the process of shutting down our self-hosted Gitlab instance and have migrated everything to GitHub (ComputeStacks · GitHub). Both for the code repo, and for hosting our container images.

If you prefer not to use GitHub, you may send the pull request as a patch directly to my email. Please see this for step-by-step instructions:

My email is kris at the compute stacks domain name.

Is there any specific reason for shutting down Gitlab instance? The parts are well organised as I see. We are using a Gitea instance. I see byte errors very frequently on Github registry.


Yes, we don’t want to maintain the Gitlab server, and we prefer to use GitHub actions over Gitlab CI.

Are you having issues pushing or pulling from the GitHub container registry? Or is your issue something else?

I see. I recommend checking the MD5 checksum values of the files uploaded to the GitHub registry. Sometimes it fails.