Implementing Controller database backups

To aid in creating a solid backup strategy for your controller, we’ve put together an automated cron job that will take database backups and push them to a remote location using rclone.

For update to date instructions and implementation details, please view our GitHub repository: GitHub - ComputeStacks/controller-backups: Automated Controller Backups

Core Features:

  • Postgresql db dumps and with compression
  • Keep only a fixed number of backups
  • (optionally) Configure rclone to sync the database backup directory with a remote storage system, such as S3 or back blaze.
    • (NOTE: just about every storage system is supported by rclone, check it out!)

Don’t forget to also retain a backup of your controller configuration file, located here: /etc/default/computestacks. The backup will not work without the details stored in this file!

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