Which resources are chargable?

Hi Kris,
Are there any charging for Registries, images and dns modules?

Currently the following resources are billable:

  • container packages (bundles of cpu, memory,disk, etc…whatever else you see on that form)
  • you can then charge overage for individual resources such as: temp disk, volume disk, bandwidth

I have some ideas:

  • A container registry can use huge volume, so it could be chargeable if a user exceeds X GB free usage.
  • Not all computing nodes and storage same. Newer servers has more performance with updated chips. There is also ARM chips which is not compatible with all containers. 2x replicated storage is more costly than non-replicated storage. Packages and individual resources can have options that makes a difference in performance and cost. Customers can choose what is comfortable for him/her. (example: DigitalOcean)
  • For backups using HDD’s more effective than SSD’s. There should be a feature to setting a backup disk for each host.

Hi Mehmet,

  1. Container Registry Storage: Sure, if you would like add that in I will review a PR for that.

  2. Our current answer to these scenarios is to create different regions for each resource type (HDD vs SSD, different cpu types, etc), which the user can then choose from during their order process. Different regions can have different packages, or even the same packages, but with different pricing. Currently some of our core components that run on the nodes do not support ARM.

  3. By default, when you use our ansible installer, a dedicated backup server is provisioned, and our backup agent will backup volumes to that backup server via NFS. Therefore, you can choose whatever kind of drives you’d like to use.